Saturday, 17 July 2010


Well, it was a great week, although rain showers and poor broadband signals from the field meant a lack of daily updates. Nonetheless, we finished off the week of students training in a big way, with the recovery of a Late Roman buckle. Two years ago we recovered this one shown below and found another one last year. The students were all energised by this discovery, as they had heard about the previous year's artefacts before they came to the excavation.

Additionally, this year's first (and currently only) Anglo Saxon coin was recovered and a bottle of champagne awarded to the excavator as promised!

Lots of new features have been challenging us at the site with a complex series of pits and ditches encouraging us to think about just how this space was used in the very Late Roman period and Early Saxon.

To the north, the Neolithic cursus and ring ditch have proved an interesting contrast for our diggers, as there are virtually no finds at all, bar the odd flake of flint. But the ditches themselves are being carefully recorded and soil samples taken to inform us what the landscape might have looked like at a time perhaps 6000 years ago when people we gathering in the area for ritual activites.

Pictures will follow more regularly this upcoming week, as we begin the week that solely involves volunteer excavators and your blogger will be commuting from the site home every night rather than camping in a field with students and dodgy wifi!

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