Monday, 14 July 2014

Week 3 begins...

With the end of week 2, so too did the undergraduate fieldschool come to a close. We had a great two weeks with some fantastic students, and some very exciting finds. As mentioned before, there was the stunning bird-topped copper alloy hair pin, found by Jen:

And a fantasticly well preserved 4th century "Urbs Roma" coin, minted in Lyon, showing Romulus and Remus suckling from the she-wolf on the reverse.

The fieldschool was rounded up by our site director, Paul Booth, giving the undergraduates a short site tour, describing how the story of the site had been changed by their contributions.

And now we are into week 3. We have a new crop of keen fieldschool participants, raring to go. And in their first two days, finds have been coming out thick and fast!

Work is continuing on the Roman road, and over the last two weeks Team Abi have discovered at least 3 layers of re-surfacing (leading to the suggestion that the Roman-Britons were doing a far better maintenance job than our local councils...). Team Laura have been investigating a network of ditches on the north side of the trench, dealing with complex stratigraphy and subtle soil changes. Team Peter have been working in the centre of the trench, exploring wide homogeneous deposits that have up till now shown little in the way of features, but plenty of finds. And Team Wendy have been picking apart the mysterious stone structure nearer to the western end of the trench, uncovering further dumps of building material (lying at some very strange angles!).

Stay tuned for more updates, and if you are in the area, do come along to our Open Day, this Saturday, 19th July, 12-5pm, at the site in the Dorchester Allotments. 

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