Tuesday, 15 July 2014

What's down the well?

Today we made great progress on site, as we planned several segments of the Roman road and its immediate environs, as well as the series of interventions we have been digging across the later Roman ditches in the north of the trench.

We have also been teaching the fieldschool students how to record soil types, plan features, and use the Total Station. I think everyone is having a good time in the summer sun!

We have had been having lunchtime lectures each day also; yesterday Dr Cliff Sofield spoke about Anglo Saxon Dorchester on Thames, and today Paul Booth familiarised the students with the basics of the Roman ceramic industry and the identification of Roman pottery.

In the Roman well, we have gone down another 70 cm, and still are a ways of from the water table, but we did recover a whole pot - a Roman beaker from the mid second century and in really good condition!

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