Friday, 18 July 2014

Week 3 finished, Open Day tomorrow!

In stunning sunshine we finished week 3 today! With temperatures reportedly reaching 28 degrees in the shade, our intrepid diggers dug on. Roads have been planned, ditches have been dug, and the well continues to get deeper!

Most of our fieldschool participants finished up today, with a round up tour from Paul and the presentations of the coveted Certificate of Completion. We really enjoyed having them with us this week and we are looking forward to meeting a new batch of participants on Sunday morning.

Lest you think the team might be slacking off for the Saturday in between - fear not! We will be setting up for the Archaeology Open Day at the site. We will be open from 12-5pm and plan to have an educational activities tent for children, tours of the site, and the star artefacts of the season on display. In addition, Peter will be providing a taste of Roman life with his Pompeian bread loaves, garum (Roman fish sauce), olives and stuffed dates! Fingers crossed, the weather will treat us to the same sunny warmth that we have had all week.

Peter's home-made wood-fired oven, ready for the bread to go in!

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